Plasticair Scrubbers

Horizontal packed bed scrubbers – HS series – HCS series odour scrubbers
• Horizontal crossflow scrubber series
• These units will remove acids, alkiline and other water soluble chemicals from contaminated airstreams

Vertical packed bed scrubbers – VS-series
• High efficient counter current scrubbing units designed for vertical installations
• Incorporating 5 ft (1,524 mm) & 8 ft (2,438 mm) packed bed section (random packing) these scrubbers remove 99% of contaminants

Chrome scrubbers – CS-series
• Meetin todays emission standard (US EPA maximum achievable control technology (MACT) standard)

Venturi scrubbers – ECE-series
• Housing construction FRP removes 99% + down to submicon droplets or particles
• Full systems controls available
• Units can be vertical or horizontal

Mist elminaor – High efficiency – E-series
• E seriest compact units capable of 80% – 96% removal of acid gas of 99% of 3 micron particulate
• Material of construction is FRP, polypropylene and PVC
• Volume capacity up to 60,000 CFM (28,320 l/sec)
• Can operate dry with periodical washing
• Can operate wet with continuos recirculation
• Sump can be remote or integral

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