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LTG UVC SterilVentilation

The LTG UVC SterilVentilation is ideal for retrofitting any room, regardless of the existing HVAC system.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Fast & reliable, ozone and chemical free disinfection of the recirculated ambient room air (patent pending).
  • Simple protection of people through verified filterless recirculation of room air past the lamp emitter which is shielded to prevent UV-C light spill into the room.
  • Silent and effective room diffusion with proven LTG tangential airflow technology for up to 170 cfm per unit.
  • Independent of existing HVAC system, just needs a power supply with on/off switch, and the simple installation of an existing 24” x 24” T-Bar ceiling.

Available In:

Atlantic Canada ☑

Eastern Ontario ☑

Greater Montreal ☑

Quebec City ☑