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Florida Heat Pump (FHP) Water-Air EP Model

Water to air heat pump from 0.5 to 6 tons.
Galvanized Steel Cabinet
Stainless Steel Drain Pan
Floating Compressor Base
PSC Blower Motor (0.5 to 1.5 tons) – ECM Constant Torque Blower Motor (1.5 to 6 tons)
Copper Coaxial Heat Exchanger
Inlet Blower-Ring
Unit Protection Module – Monitors the unit operation and safety controls that protect the unit
Dual Refrigerant Freeze Sensors
Insulated Divider – Separates the compressor and blower sections, allowing the unit to be serviced easily during operation
Schrader Charging Valves
Heat Recovery Package
Up to 21.7 EER GLHP
Up to 6 COP WSHP

DuoGuard™ Air Coil
Hot Gas Reheat (on/off)
Hot Gas Bypass
Water Side Economizer
Extended Range – When entering fluid temperature is below 60°F
Cupro-nickel Coaxial Heat Exchanger
DDC Controls
Compressor Sound Blankets
ECM Constant Airflow fan motor option
2” MERV-8 or MERV-13 Filters w/ 2” 4-sided Filter Rack.

Available In:

Atlantic Canada ☑

Eastern Ontario ☑

Greater Montreal ☑

Quebec City ☑

Available In

Atlantic Canada, Eastern Ontario, Greater Montreal, Quebec City