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Flex-Hose Tri-Flex Loop

Flex-Hose Co.’spatented Tri-Flex Loop makes a world of difference in critical piping
connections. It is designed to provide a superior flexible pipe loop
that will absorb and compensate multi-plane pipe movements
simultaneously as well as reduce piping stress
Materials:Stainless Steel or Bronze (other alloys and styles available)
Sizes:1/2″ to 14″ I.D. (Stock sizes1/2″ to 4″)
It is the safest and most reliable means of absorbing up to 8 inches of movement resulting from
thermal changes, random seismic shifts, and misalignment in a piping system

Available In:

Atlantic Canada ☑

Eastern Ontario ☑

Greater Montreal ☑

Quebec City ☑

Available In

Atlantic Canada, Eastern Ontario, Greater Montreal, Quebec City