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Ecotron Custom Packaged Refrigeration Air Handling Unit

Custom Air Handling Units (range from 500 to 500 000 cfm)
1” , 2” panel to panel construction with standard R-7 per inch polyurethane
foam insulation (airstreams up to 160°F)
1” , 2” , 3” , 4” panel to panel construction with fiberglass insulation
Eco-Array™ – multiple electronically commutated (ECM) fan array
Integral gas phase media air filtration
Combination scroll-digital scroll systems for capacity control and head pressure control
Micro-channel outdoor condenser coils that reduce refrigerant charge of units
Ultra-violet lights
Single, dual or triple point power connections
All major voltages
Integral 120 V circuits for lights and receptacles
Humidification manifolds with steam generators
Baked-on powder coat exterior and interior finishes
Corrosion protection(s), sea coast protection and anti-microbial finishes
Custom acoustical liners for sound reduction and sound sensitive applications
Galvanized G-90 steel, aluminum or stainless steel exterior and interior panel construction
Modular/split construction for retrofit or dimensionally restrictive installations
Flat panel, checker plate or anti-slip coating for floor liners
Eco-Logic™ coil-compressor balancing provided on all DX systems

Available In:

Atlantic Canada

Eastern Ontario

Greater Montreal ☑

Quebec City

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Greater Montreal